My Fit4Life Story

As the founder of Fit4Life, Jud Paschen personally lives the benefits of a nutritionally balanced diet along with a high intensity physical training regiment.

In 2000, Jud was involved in a horrible car accident which kept him from the activities of daily life while he re-learned everything.  He took that same drive and applied it to physical activities and has regained his life through this adventure. 

Jud now seeks to apply his own experience and learnings to assist F4L clients to take charge of their lives through fitness.  While fitness might only occupy a small portion of a client's life, the F4L discipline, if fully embraced, will drive clients to succeed beyond their wildest imagination.

Jud is a certified NPTI personal trainer with experience in client evaluation, psychology of motivation, nutrition, anatomy/physiology, skeletal and cardiovascular systems.  Jud's client training also includes fitness assessment and testing, program design and implementation, monitoring and recording client results.  




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