Fitness to fuel your life


Personal Training:

Some of us are high performance athletes, some of us are just people trying our best at life.  We have developed personal training protocols to assist any an all populations with improving and strengthening their performance within their chosen discipline.  Within our personal training regiment, we seek to allow individuals to perform to an even higher standard producing results never perviously imagined.


Functional conditioning from the time of departure from the hospital to re-entering the general population - further conditioning / strengthening can be achieved through F4L training.

Weight Management Skill Training:  (THE KEY = EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE)

Taking into account both cardio and muscular training, both disciplines can lead to rapid weight reduction.  Clients are educated with proper nutrition combining this with their training protocol to achieve body-size reduction.  The goal is not to simply reduce weight; but develop proper skills to manage weight for a lifetime.

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High-Intensity Body Weight Training:

F4L fully utilizes programs that have already been developed for a clients benefit.  For example, a dumbbell and a kettle ball are both weights - how one uses those weights can mean the difference between success and injury. F4L trainers guide clients to achieve results by pushing them to explore the outer-limits of their potential.

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GUTS (Group Unified Training System):

Group training protocols range from high intensity cardio to muscular endurance sessions.  Core training is included into each session  to improve the foundation of the human body. (2 - 10 participants).

Long/Sprint Distance Cardio Training:

As a successful Ironman triathlete, F4L founder, Jud Paschen, has taken his race experience combined with his recent physiology studies to create a training protocol to assist any athlete across disciplines.  This can be sprint distance to Ironman competition combining muscular strength with endurance.