Kris Cichowski (40+)

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

My staff pushed me to Fit4Life but Jud has kept me inspired to continue.  I needed to "get in shape" before I had surgery, but my training has caused a wonderful event to occur:  my body has returned to normal and surgery has been indefinitely postponed.

I know I have the necessary desire to become "Fit4Life," Jud gives me the fundamental guidance to reach and exceed my goals.

My hat is off to Jud.


Shaun Block (60+)

Jud Paschen has been and continues to be a joy to work with.  He acknowledges any shortcomings I may have, modifies potentially challenging exercises and pushes me to reach new levels of fitness.  I whole heartedly endorse his Fit4Life philosophy and strive to build the proper fitness habits into all that I do.  

Alex Zatuchny (47)

Executive VP, The Revere Group

I have been with Jud's program for over a year.  I run marathons, do pilates and some weights, so initially when Mike Parks introduced Jud's workout idea, I was skeptical but I agreed to try it out .  After the first session, I could tell this was going to be excellent for me - Jud's philosophy of not using fancy equipment ; rather combining unique circuit designs with timed execution was consistent witrh my own way of thinking. I highly recommend this program and Jud's particular coaching style to anyone who wishes to have an active and injury free lifestyle.  

Ben (24)

​Over the years, I have worked out with several different trainers, so when I signed up to work with Jud, I was expecting much of the same thing. However, working out with Jud has truly been a great experience--he is different from other trainers in that he knows how to push you to your limit but also supports you at the same time.  Jud is someone that you can talk to and confide in.  I consider him not only my trainer, but also my friend.  Over the years, Jud has helped to get in better shape, maintain it, and increased strength.  Jud creates good routines that challenge you and push you hard, but he is also good about recognizing when they may need to be adjusted.  My main goal from working out with Jud is getting into better shape and maintaining it.  My overall shape has improved and I feel not only physically better since working out with Jud, but mentally and emotionally better as well because he helped me adopt an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Lisa C. (40+)

I found Jud through a friend a few weeks after my youngest started kindergarten.  I was eager to get back into a regular exercise routine and loved the idea of a program that alternates between the beach and the gym.  Despite bering very out of shape, I instantly loved the challenge of the classes and the fun group of ladies who regularly attend.  Jud is a sunny, fun-loving, positive person who encourages everyone to achieve her personal best.  Four years later, I still look forward to the class.  I also love that you can purchase a 12 class punch card.  You choose how many and which days each week to attend--hugely convenient for moms!!

Pierre K.  (45+)

I had a stroke four years ago. It left me partially paralyzed on my left side, mostly my arm and leg.  I began seeing Jud a little more than a year ago.  He has helped me regain considerable movement, so much so that, as a musician, I have been able to play live shows again.  He has helped me improve my walking by analyzing the mechanics of my gait, and helped me connect them with awareness and exercise.,  Jud is a pleasure to work with.  He is astute, perceptive, knowledgeable, insightful, trustworthy and kind.  He also has a most formidable work ethic, and pushes me to my limits every workout.  I continue to improve, and with his help, expect to regain what I lost with my stroke, and even beyond.  He has also become a friend.  I recommend him on the highest possible terms, and to everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations.

Katie, Hinsdale

I met Jud in August 2009, at a meeting at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The meeting was hosted by RIC and the topic was traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, I was learning all about TBI as my husband was on the TBI floor at RIC after having been hit by a small SUV in April while riding his bicycle.  And while I do not remember much about the meeting, I formed a lasting professional relationship with Jud and over the next year, while my husband was rotated through various institutions in the Chicagoland area, Jud became part of support system with regular phone calls to offer words of encouragement and support.  

​Eventually, one of the facilities called to let me know that would no longer provide my husband with therapy as they felt it was a waste of money.  Never one to quit, I quickly called Jud and asked if he would work with my husband 3 times per week.  Jud agreed without hesitation even though we were not “conveniently located”.  Jud assessed my husband (who not only presented with severe TBI but was also a quad) and developed a program to aid in flexibility and to enhance his muscle strength.  Without fail, Jud worked with my husband three times a week, never missed a session and was never late.  Jud not only brought his expertise in working with my husband but brought never ending enthusiasm, encouragement and compassion. 

I would highly recommend a partnership with Jud regardless of whether you are of able body and mind or not.  Jud brings expertise, experience and enthusiasm to world of exercise and rehab.  

Dr. Henry Betts (70+)

Founder Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

I present a unique client profile to Fit4Life but Jud continues to modify and work through my shortcomings and focuses our sessions on functional activities to permit me to better enjoy activities of daily living.

Sliz Malgorzata (40+)

I have recently enjoyed a few informal fitness evaluations with Jud Paschen.  Jud initially addressed my most pressing concern, my back.  He noticed my 5 year old back brace which helped me perform my work services.  He demonstrated a series of back exercises and stretches, and evaluated my performance.  He continues to monitor  and demonstrate additional core exercises to strengthen my mid-section.  Since receiving those perscriptions, I am pain and back brace free.  

Michael Parks (50)


I thought my exercise regiment was pretty good until I worked out with Jud once.  My core and overall physical conditioning is the best its been since college. My recovery time has improved dramatically and my foot speed is much stronger.  I play paddle tennis at a nationally competitive level - my game continues to improve due to Jud's program.  

Fitness to fuel your life

Megan Novara

Dedicated two-year Evanston Bootcamper

What is the worst part about going to Jud's Boot Camp?  Getting up at 5:30 in the morning TO GO EXERCISE!  What is the best part about Boot Camp?  Seeing the sun rise over the Lake.  Using the natural environment to get in a great workout (shot-putting beach rocks, mountain-climbers in the sand, sit-ups on the bike racks).  Enjoying the fact that two years later all my chronic back problems are gone and even though I still hate getting up early, I looove walking in the door at 7am to my smiling coffee pot and knowing that I am done thinking about exercising for the day.  It's tough, and it's a great workout.